What Will happen If Gout Or High Uric Acid is Left Untreated

What Will happen If Gout Or High Uric Acid is Left Untreated

Gout is not just a is toe pain that comes and goes, gout is a warning that sign that your body is undergoing acidosis and it needs serious attention before it develops into something more malicious such as cancer or other chronic diseases.

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I would say 90 percents of them are having the problem of hyperuricemia for at least 5 years or more before these people engage a serious effort to find the solution to their problem. Most of them have already developed secondary diseases such as kidney failure and hypertension.

  • The root of the problem is too much dangerous acid in the body, uric acid is just one of them.
  • If these types of acids are left to accumulate in the body, it will slowly eat away the healthy cells and organs.
  • As the pH of the internal environment of the body decreases, enzymes and other vital metabolism reactions cannot take place in the ideal rate.
  • Cells possibly weaken or die off at faster rate and this will results in a vicious cycle which speed up the process of acidosis.

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  • Taking some pain killers or perhaps uric acid suppressant pills are just temporary fixes for the gout pain.
  • Such treatments will not improve the pH level of the body, once the effect of the chemicals is gone, gout returns!

You should not look for any magic remedy that can cure gout instantly, in order for there is none. You must first seek to understand the process acidosis so you can reverse the process. Once you understand the full picture and how dangerous it will lead to if left untreated, you will slowly change your lifestyle or diet to come back the alkalinity of your body.

12 Foods To Avoid For Gout

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  • Conventional medical approach will never find the cure for Gout because they are not dealing with The Root cause of Gout which is High Uric Acid.
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