Osteoarthritis Causes and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis Causes and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis defines the failure of the synovial lined, movable joint. The basic factor in Osteoarthritis is the destruction of the articular cartilage that lines the dealing with facet of the bone that forms a joint.

Osteoarthritis is the Most Common Form of the Potentially Debilitating Rheumatoid Illness

The disease finds it's most victims in grownups age twenty-five or older. In 2006, nearly twenty-one million People in america were living with this form of arthritis. Also referred to as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis assaults the bone's cartiledge.

  • Osteoarthritis is thought to be hereditary, as well as associated with aging, where the continual wear and tear has thinned the cartilage.
  • This type of osteoarthritis is termed primary.
  • Some researchers attributed the disease to be brought on by an infection, incidents, hormonal imbalance, obesity, allergies, and even pregnancy.
  • Treatment plans is actually termed secondary osteoarthritis.

Causes of Osteoarthritis Consist of Abnormal Bone Position

In the foot, the most common cause is defective foot mechanics. Once the foot is not in alignment and not functioning properly, this makes abnormal anxiety on important joints in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. Injury is a common cause of arthritis.

Knee osteoarthritis also increases its incidence with women after their menopause, suggesting a great link with the disease as well as estrogen deficiency. Much more recent studies factor in changes in bone fragments density that accompany combination with hormonal changes that occur inside postmenopausal women.

The Symptoms of Osteoarthritis Vary, as Do Treatment Options

Osteoarthritis pain relief is the goal of most treatment plans, although preventing further deterioration of the cartilage protecting the joints is also a primary concern. Here we have an overview of the symptoms of osteoarthritis, as well as dietary options for osteoarthritis pain relief.


However, omega 3 fatty acids are well known to benefit both brain and also cardiovascular health. So to think you can take something that will improve your overall health whilst possibly alleviating your osteoarthritis pain, it makes a lot of sense.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are Excellent Natural Anti-Inflammatory

They play a vital role in our overall health including brain and cardiovascular health, skin health, and digestive system and much more. Their supplementation in what we eat in the form of fish oil supplements can help a lot in controlling inflammation as well as providing relief from osteoarthritis pain.

  • Symptoms of osteoarthritis contain deep pain in the joints especially after heavy exercise or excessive movement.
  • However, the pain can subside after ample rest.
  • If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you may also experience stiffness in the joints during the morning and after doing weighty exercise.

Traditional methods of choosing osteoarthritis pain relief may not work for all arthritis sufferers. One may have to changes their lifestyle, such as warming up before performing certain activities, resting frequently during the activities, or avoiding certain actions totally may be necessary.

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Degenerative Osteoarthritis is the Most Common Cause of Disability in the United States

The American Arthritis foundation reports that 21 million Americans suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis. Higher figures compiled by the CDC include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout, fibromyalgia and other joint disorders.