Natural Alternatives for Gout Relief

Natural Alternatives for Gout Relief

Gout is a medical condition that is regarded as a kind of arthritis that causes recurrent acute inflammation in the joints, especially the foot area or the big toe. If you are suffering from gout, you probably had high levels of uric acid in your blood for a very long time. Uric acid is produced by the kidneys so that the blood in your blood is actually cleaned and is kept chemically balanced, and is later secreted out of your body. However, hard, crystalline formations of uric acid can get deposited in your joints and skin if they are not properly excreted by the kidneys, causing gout. So, if you are seeking gout relief, there are natural treatments that you can try to relieve and alleviate the symptoms of this condition.


Gout signs and symptoms can be relieved successfully by consuming cherries. You will be able to reduce or actually eliminate gout attacks completely by consuming any kind of cherries, whether sour or even sweet. You should take about ten to be able to twelve to fifteen cherries in a day, until the gout soreness and symptoms subside. Whilst tinned cherries in the form of fruit or juices will have the same effect, but fresh cherries are the best alternative for gout relief.


Since the excessive uric acid in your blood is the cause of gout, so you should eat more vegetables, especially the ones that are rich in ascorbic acid or Vitamin c. These vegetables will first reduce the uric acid in your blood and relieve the swelling since they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Raw Juices

You are a gout sufferer, then you can also get excellent gout relief by consuming raw juices of beet, carrot and cucumber. You can prepare a healthy, nutritious juice to help relieve your gout by mixing the following ingredients: a cup of beet juice 1.5 cups of carrot juice 1/2 a cup of cucumber juice.

Whenever You Experience a Painful Gout Attack, You Should Immediately Have an Apple

The degree and consistency of gout attacks can also be reduced if you on a regular basis eat oatmeal. This natural gout remedy is really efficient enough although it is quite simple. Even apples can help in the same way as apples.

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  • Citric Acid

    You are suffering from gout, then another excellent gout relief remedy is citric acid. You can easily get quick respite from gout pain simply by a little lemon juice frequently.

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    • Water might seem ordinary, but you can get the greatest respite from gout pain by drinking plenty of water.
    • By drinking water you will keep your whole body hydrated and this way, the excess uric acid in your blood is going to be quickly figured out.
    • If you feel like you are going to have a gout attack, you can even reduce the degree of pain that you might encounter by drinking water beforehand.
    • When it comes to controlling gout pain, it is very important that you are following a healthy diet.
    • If you are suffering from gout, then the described natural choices can help you get effective gout relief.

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